No "Weekend Ride" this Weekend

Dear Friends,

We're going to be riding far-far away this weekend, so don't have any local rides scheduled.  See ya at the 600!


DC Randonneurs 400K, Saturday, May 21, 2010

Dear Friends,

No "weekend ride" scheduled for this weekend as tomorrow is the DC Randonneurs 400K ACP Brevet.  Please visit the DC Randonneurs website,, for all the juicy details, and hope to see you in Frederick!


Big Ride at Deep Creek Lake July 24, 2010

Dear Friends,


We'd like to invite you to join us on an extremely scenic ride we're planning to do out at Deep Creek Lake on Saturday, July 24.  I know that sounds like it's a long time in the future, but if you're interested in joining us you should be making your lodging reservations now.  Our plan is to drive out to Oakland, Maryland on Friday, July 23 and spend the next two nights at the Oak-Mar Motel. 


Oak-Mar Motel

208 North 3rd Street
Oakland, MD 21550-1326
(301) 334-3965


On Saturday morning, we'll have a very early breakfast at the nearby Sheetz (hope they have an espresso bar) and then drive about 9-1/2 miles to the Deep Creek Lake State Park Discovery Center, where we'll start the 127-mile "Diabolical Double," reputed to have over 15,000 feet of elevation gain.  (I don't believe it, but let's find out for ourselves.)  Note that we are not doing this as part of any organized event, although it was held as such in early July of 2009.  Gary Dean was "kind" enough to suggest the weekend and provide us with the cue sheet from last year's ride.  For a nice description of the ride, see  And just for fun, Google "Westernport Wall" and take a look at some of the videos.


I'm anticipating that it will be a "long" day in (and mostly out of) the saddle, and we'll stay over in Oakland on Saturday night, too.  If we have anything left in our legs on Sunday morning, we'll do a short ride (40 miles or so) after having a leisurely breakfast.  At the Oak-Mar's mom & pop restaurant they still peel potatoes for homefries!  We'll have earned something better than Sheetz for sure. 


You can look at a map of the ride at:  I've reformatted the cue sheet and made a GPS file of the route, and will provide those to all who elect to take part in the adventure.  Chuck and I are participating in a Tom Burns bicycling weekend out at Deep Creek Lake over the Memorial Day holiday, and I may make some modifications to the cue sheet after doing some exploring that weekend.


If this interests/intrigues you, please let me know and make your reservations soon. 





Dear Friends,

Looks like we have a gorgeous weekend on tap and we plan to get out there and make the most of it.  We hope you will join us and, IF YOU PLAN TO DO SO, PLEASE EMAIL ME AND REQUEST AN ELECTRONIC COPY OF THE CUE SHEET.  I will only be bringing hard copies for those who notify me that they are unable to print out their own!  Here's the menu:

SATURDAY, MAY 15, 2010

"SUMMIT CUM LAUDE,"  starting from the Marshall VDOT commuter parking lot, Marshall, Virginia.  MEETING TIME 7:30 a.m.   Brent DeRobertis designed this "benign (?) scenic horse country" ride that passes several Virginia wineries and orchards.  We'll have a 9-mile warm-up before encountering the first climb over beautiful Naked Mountain.  After the descent and a brief interlude through the pretty little village of Paris, things intensify as we begin the 1300-foot climb up to Mount Weather.  Read about Mount Weather at  and get really creeped out, if only because the author can't spell accommodate.  The plunge down to Route 7 is a thriller, but make sure your brakes are in good working order.  A four-mile mellow stretch alongside the Shenandoah River follows, followed by a bunch of steep rollers that will bring us back to US50.  The third major climb of the day, Blue Mountain, awaits.  This is an extended 1700-foot climb, including about 2 miles of unpaved road.  The surface is normally excellent, but there's always the possibility that there will be freshly strewn gravel, so be prepared.  The descent is paved and includes some really stunning views of the Blue Ridge.  There is one particularly noteworthy hairpin turn on the way down that calls for extreme caution.  After descending into Linden we'll enjoy a well-deserved lunch at the Apple House.  The terrain moderates significantly after lunch, and unless we're running late we'll have an afternoon rest stop at the Orlean Market before our last little climb up Piney Pukin' Mountain.  No whining, it's less than 400 feet!   99 miles, with a 78-mile short option that high-tails it back to Marshall after the Apple House. 

Estimated elevation gain 8000 – 8500 feet.

Directions to the ride start:


From DC beltway I-495, take exit 49 onto I-66 west,  In 36 miles, take exit 28 for US17 toward Warrenton/Marshall.  In 0.4 mi. take the Bus.17 ramp right toward Marshall.  In 0.7 mi. turn left on Main Street/VA55 at traffic light.  In ~ 0.2 mi. turn right on Frost St. & follow to parking lot at end of the road. 


SUNDAY, MAY 16, 2010

"ALL ABOUT ABBOTTSTOWN," starting from the McDonald's in Thurmont, Maryland.  **LATE MEETING TIME 8:00 a.m.**  Aaah, a mellow ride today, one designed by our beloved bard, William Shakespeare Smith.  The route is a slight revision of one of Bill's Frederick Pedalers Century routes--I think it was 2004.  It's a delightful valley ride that heads east into Carroll County, MD and north into Adams County, PA, passing through Taneytown, Littlestown, and New Oxford on the way to lunch at the "new & improved" Emig's 81 Diner in Abbottstown.  On the way back we will have a brief encounter with Mt. Misery Rd but will elude the "miserable" molehill!   We'll also pass through Taneytown a second time, so you'll have two opportunities for a Sheetz fix on this ride if that's your kind of thing.  100 miles, with short options of 40 and 72 miles.

Directions to the ride start:


From DC Beltway, go north on I-270 to Frederick.  Continue North on US15.  In 14.9 miles, take the exit toward MD806/Thurmont (the last of three exits for MD806, the FIRST Thurmont exit).  At end of ramp turn right @SS, then QR @ traffic light onto Catoctin Furnace Rd, then QL at "Weis Entrance."  Park in the first lot on the left, across from McDonald's.




Hi there,

I forgot to mention (it's always something) -- PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU PLAN TO RIDE ON SUNDAY and I'll email the cue sheet to you.  I will only bring hard copies for those who advise me that they are UNABLE to print out their own copy.



WEEKEND RIDES, May 8 and 9, 2010

Dear Friends,

We're in the thick of brevet season now, and DCR's second 300K is this Saturday.  We'll be leading a century ride starting in Frederick on Sunday, conveniently located for any who do Saturday's 300K and stay over in Frederick.

THE DC RANDONNEURS FREDERICK 300K BREVET, starting from the Motel 6 in Frederick, Maryland at 5:00 a.m.  Please visit the DC Randonneurs website for all the details regarding registration, bike inspection, a link to the cue sheet and GPX file, etc.  Here's the ride description:

Starting from the Frederick Motel 6 (formerly Quality Inn), we follow roughly the same route as last year. The ride heads north, skirting South Mountain as far as Thurmont and then turns west to climb the ridge on MD77 through Catoctin Mountain State Park. Just short of the summit, it heads roughly north-north-east into Pennsylvania and through the rolling apple and peach orchards of Adams County. From Arendtsville, it turns north-west and begins a long, stair-step climb with many steep sections, ascending the false summit before Big Flat (altitude 1650 feet) before a rapid descent to a stop sign, followed by the real climb to the summit of Big Flat (altitude 2040 feet). Nine miles of mostly downhill brings riders to a much needed rest stop and control in Shippensburg. The terrain moderates in the Cumberland valley northeast to Bloserville. The return trip heads east and south through Mount Holly Springs, then crosses South Mountain and takes several miles of easy rollers to East Berlin. The final miles remain mellow, heading southwest to Thurmont ending with a few rollers paralleling US15. After crossing US15, we'll take a new route into town on Opposumtown Pike.


SUNDAY, MAY 9, 2010

"NOODLING TO NEW OXFORD," starting from Roy Rogers, Frederick, Maryland.  **NOTE LATE MEETING TIME 8:00 A.M.!!**  We're starting Sunday's ride a bit later than usual hoping that some of you who ride the 300K brevet on Saturday will feel like coming out for more.  This is a "relatively" tame ride on very quiet and pretty Frederick, Carroll, and Adams County roads.  Morning rest stop in Taneytown, lunch at the Pizza Garden in New Oxford, and an afternoon rest stop in Detour.  Ride includes 0.7 mile of hard-pack unpaved road on Baumgardner.  Please don't be put off by it – everyone loves it!  100 miles, with short options of 61 or 88 miles.

Directions to the ride start:


From D.C. Beltway (I-495), take I-270 north 31 miles to Frederick.  Continue north on US15 3.7 miles.  Take Exit 16, Motter Ave exit (sign for Frederick Community College).  Turn RIGHT at the traffic light onto Opossumtown Pike.  In a quarter mile turn right onto Thomas Johnson Drive, then left into the shopping center.  Park at the very back (north end) of the lot behind Weis Market.  We actually meet and start from there rather than at Roy's.