Dear Friends,

We have a ride scheduled for Saturday only this weekend, as Sunday is
not looking particularly hospitable. But it's a very nice ride, indeed,
so come out and get your fix while you can.

"THE PIGEON HILLS HUNDRED," starting from Silo Hill Parkway in
Emmitsburg, Maryland. MEETING TIME 7:30 a.m. This very interesting ride
BULGES in the middle, i.e., it begins gently, heading in a northeasterly
direction through Adams County, Pa., then becomes VERY HILLY mid-ride
through the gnarly PIGEON HILLS of York County. After a wonderful lunch
stop at Rocco's in East Berlin (home away from home for DC Randonneurs),
there is one major climb back over the Pigeon Hills, followed by a
mellow return to Emmitsburg. 102 miles with several short options--in
addition to 52, 63 and 78-mile options, which don't make it all the way
to Rocco's (so why even consider them?), there are some smaller
shortcuts on the century route that you can take both before and after
lunch and STILL make it to Rocco's (perhaps ahead of everyone else!).
About 6000-6500 feet of climbing for the century.

Directions to the ride start:
From DC Beltway go North on I-270 about 31 miles to Frederick. Continue
north on US15 for about 25 miles, then exit onto MD140 West (AFTER the
Seton Ave/Bus.15 exit). Turn left at the stop sign onto MD140 West. In
about a quarter mile turn right onto Silo Hill Rd at the traffic light
(McDonald's on R). Make your 1st right onto Silo Hill Parkway and park
beyond the car wash.

Work 202-662-4557
cell (weekends only) 202-365-3738


Dear Friends,

Since we can only ride one day this weekend we have cherry-picked
Saturday, and since last weekend's rides were so very mellow, we're
heading for the hills. Hope you can join us!

"HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY," starting from Chuck's house in Rockville.
NOTE "LATE" MEETING TIME 7:45 a.m! Our attempt to do this ride last
month was thwarted by icy roads and a few falling dominoes. We really
love the ride (AND the fact that it starts at Chuck's house), so here we
go again.

As you may have figured, the first 10 miles or so of this ride are the
standard Rockville-Olney escape route, but after that the ride becomes
rural, very scenic, and VERY HILLY. We'll be riding in a northwesterly
direction into the Frederick Valley on our way to Woodsboro, where we'll
have lunch at Trout's Town Restaurant. Good idea to fuel up well at
lunch, as we'll tackle the length of Coppermine Road upon leaving town
and encounter lots of "scenery" as we head back. Great news: the last
25 miles from Mt. Airy back to Chuck's are an honestly mellow cruise!
101 miles, with short options of 68 or 88. Estimated elevation gain
6500-7000 feet.

Here are the directions to Chuck's:
CHUCK WOOD'S HOUSE, 14725 Janice Drive, Rockville, Maryland

From I-270:
Rockville Exit 6 (MD28 East)
1.0 mi. X MD355 (TL)
0.2 mi. L MD28 East (TL)
1.5 mi. X Bauer Drive (TL)
0.3 mi. R Bel Pre Rd (TL)
0.1 mi. R Janice Drive (1st R)
3rd house on L - 14725 Janice Drive

From DC Beltway:
North on Georgia Avenue
approx. 4 mi. X Connecticut Avenue
0.3 mi. L Bel Pre
0.7 mi. L Janice Drive (just before TL at MD28) 3rd house on L - 14725
Janice Drive

Another way:
0.0 I-270 split - heading north from I-270 split (get in right lane)
1.0 R Montrose Rd East (At split on ramp you can also get in left lane&
go under Montrose Rd)
0.2 L Tower Oaks Rd (1st L)
0.8 R Wootton Parkway (follow curves)
1.3 X Rockville Pike MD355
0.2 X Veirs Mill Rd (becomes MD28 East)
2.0 X Bauer Dr. (TL)
0.6 R Bel Pre (next TL)
0.1 R Janice Dr.
3rd house on L (14725 Janice Dr.)

OR from Baltimore:
South on I-95 or Rt. 29
East on MD198 (Laurel - Burtonsville)
Miles are approx.:
4 X MD650 (TL) >MD28
4 X Georgia Ave (TL)
1 L Bel Pre (2nd TL)
0.1 R Janice Drive
14725 Janice Drive (3rd house on L)

Work 202-662-4557 (until 6pm)
Cell (weekends only) 202-365-3738


Dear Friends,

We're heading down to Ashland, Virginia this weekend. Paul WGR
Donaldson is hosting a RUSA brevet on Saturday, and we'll be leading
"Louisa Re-Membered" on Sunday.


Starting from the historic town of Ashland, Virginia (The Center of the
Universe) at 7:00 AM, the ride heads east toward river country. Leaving
Ashland, the first few miles pass through signs of modern times: gas
stations, truck stops and fast food joints. When the route turns at the
antique store Two Frogs on a Bike, the surroundings seem to go back to
the time of quiet roads and rural atmosphere. The rolling terrain levels
out as the route approaches the Rappahannock River and the town of
Tappahannock. After the control and lunch at Java Jack, the route leaves
Tappahannock and the rolling hills continue with an occasional short,
steep climb. Ten miles before the final control there is a five mile
stretch of easily traveled, unpaved road that meanders around the
congestion of modern Ashland to the finish. NOTE: Ride goes rain or
shine, but if there is significant rainfall an alternate route that
AVOIDS the 6-mile dirt section will be used. Be sure to pick up the
correct cue sheet at the ride start on Saturday!

Registration opens at 6:00 a.m. On-site registration fee is $15, and DC
Randonneurs membership is required. RIDE BEGINS PROMPTLY AT 7:00 a.m.

Brevet organizer: Paul Donaldson,

Directions to the ride start:
From the Washington Beltway, south on I-95. Take Exit 92B (Ashland
exit), VA54 West. Follow VA54 into Ashland (about a mile, maybe less).
After crossing the railroad tracks and Railroad Avenue (Visitors Center
to R), turn right into the little lot behind and slightly south of the
Henry Clay Inn (just past the Ashland Coffee & Tea Co.). Park near the
trees. Alternatively, you can park on the street adjacent to the
Visitors Center.


"LOUISA RE-MEMBERED," starting from Ashland Coffee & Tea, 100 N.
Railroad Avenue, Ashland, Virginia. MEETING TIME 7:30 a.m.

While nursing a hot cup of cocoa at the Reva Market on a cold December
day in 1997, Jim, Chuck & Crista scanned the front page of a local
newspaper and noticed a gruesome story about a dismembered corpse that
had been discovered at the bottom of a well in the tiny town of Louisa,
Virginia. So please ride carefully -- we want everyone to come back in
one piece!!!

Step back in time with us as we travel the quiet rural roads of OLD
Virginia. No multi-million-dollar horse estates on this ride, but we DO
pass the GOSPEL CHICKEN HOUSE and the bustling metropolises of Bumpass
and Beaverdam. Lunch in Louisa, of course. Highlights on the return
route are some nice views of Lake Anna and Patrick Henry's home,
Scotchtown. Terrain is pretty mellow, with one significant hill before
we return to Ashland. 107 miles, with short options of 58, 73, 85 miles
or 103 miles.

Directions to the ride start: same as above!

Work 202-662-4557
Cell (weekends only) 202-365-3738


Dear Friends,

Given the pretty spectacular weekend weather forecast, we are going out on a limb and scheduling "special" rides for both days.

"THE VELO ORANGE VELOVENTURE," starting from Pierce Mill in Washington, D.C. MEETING TIME 7:30 a.m. Thanks to Maile's excellent lobbying efforts, the folks at Velo Orange in Annapolis have agreed to open their showroom on a Saturday just for our merry group of randonneurs. Check out the website ( and join us for what is SURE to be an adventure, as we will be following a funky combination of routes to get us from DC to Annapolis. The route from Pierce Mill to College Park is one that I used frequently many years ago (15 or so :-)), but I cannot guarantee that conditions haven't changed since then (and if they have it probably won't be for the better). After that the plot thickens as we attempt to connect with a bike trail or two and follow a route to Annapolis provided by If we can find our way to Annapolis without getting hopelessly lost, we should be able to find Velo Orange! After drooling over their merchandise for a bit, we'll amble over to Philly Flash for lunch, where the truly fearless randonneur can indulge in such curiosities as "Wreckage Fries," in addition to more traditional pizza and sub fare. Then we'll waddle back to DC. 102 miles, with an 89-mile short option. PLEASE BE TOLERANT OF POSSIBLE (PROBABLE) CUE SHEET BOO-BOOS ON THIS RIDE. REMEMBER, IT'S A VELOVENTURE!

Directions to the ride start:
2375 Tilden Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20015, 202-426-6908
From DC Beltway, Exit 33, go south on Connecticut Avenue (MD185) into DC.
After going around Chevy Chase Circle and entering DC, go about 2 miles and turn left onto Tilden Street (traffic light) Go to the bottom of the hill (about ½ mile) and turn RIGHT, just before the bridge, then make a quick left into the large parking lot. Do not park in the little lot next to the mill and the Art Barn.

From downtown DC, take the Rock Creek & Potomac Parkway 2.5 miles north to the intersection with Beach Drive. Bear right on Beach Drive, passing through the tunnel and continuing on past the Zoo. Turn left at the first traffic light onto Tilden Street, cross the bridge over Rock Creek, and immediately turn left into the parking lot.

An alternate route from downtown is to head North on Connecticut Avenue and, a few blocks after passing through Cleveland Park, turn right on Tilden Street (traffic light). Go to the bottom of the hill (about ½ mile) and turn RIGHT, just before the bridge, then make a quick left into the large parking lot. Do not park in the little lot next to the mill and the Art Barn.



"DAM GOOD RIDE TO GLEN ROCK," starting from New Midway Elementary School in Keymar, Maryland. MEETING TIME 7:30am. This ride heads in a northeasterly direction with a morning rest stop in Littlestown, PA., and continues past the Long Arm Reservoir and then along the very scenic Impounding Dam Road past the Sheppard Myers Dam. We'll continue on to the historic railroad village of Glen Rock, where we'll have a relaxed and yummy lunch at Mignano's. After lunch we'll tackle a few of York County's "interesting" hills as we head back into Carroll County MD. Afternoon delights include Deep Run, a lovely cruise down Silver Run Valley, and maybe a CAMEL! The route includes two stretches of lovely unpaved hard-pack surface roads. Paved options are indicated on the cue sheet and will yield a couple of bonus miles. 101 miles, with 58 and 77-mile short options.

Directions to the ride start:
NEW MIDWAY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, 12226 Woodsboro Pike, Keymar, Maryland 21757
From D.C. Beltway, take I-270 north 31 miles to Frederick. Continue north on US15 about 2-1/2 miles then exit onto MD26 East/Liberty Rd. toward Libertytown/MD194/Walkersville. In 2.2 miles bear left onto Woodsboro Pike MD194 North. In 9.5 miles turn L into the school, JUST past intersection with Detour Rd.
No restroom facilities at ride start. You'll pass Starbucks/Panera/Sheetz, etc. on the way out, so avail yourselves of those opportunities!

Work 202-662-4557
Cell (weekends only) 202-365-3738