Dear Friends,

Since we can only ride one day this weekend we have cherry-picked
Saturday, and since last weekend's rides were so very mellow, we're
heading for the hills. Hope you can join us!

"HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY," starting from Chuck's house in Rockville.
NOTE "LATE" MEETING TIME 7:45 a.m! Our attempt to do this ride last
month was thwarted by icy roads and a few falling dominoes. We really
love the ride (AND the fact that it starts at Chuck's house), so here we
go again.

As you may have figured, the first 10 miles or so of this ride are the
standard Rockville-Olney escape route, but after that the ride becomes
rural, very scenic, and VERY HILLY. We'll be riding in a northwesterly
direction into the Frederick Valley on our way to Woodsboro, where we'll
have lunch at Trout's Town Restaurant. Good idea to fuel up well at
lunch, as we'll tackle the length of Coppermine Road upon leaving town
and encounter lots of "scenery" as we head back. Great news: the last
25 miles from Mt. Airy back to Chuck's are an honestly mellow cruise!
101 miles, with short options of 68 or 88. Estimated elevation gain
6500-7000 feet.

Here are the directions to Chuck's:
CHUCK WOOD'S HOUSE, 14725 Janice Drive, Rockville, Maryland

From I-270:
Rockville Exit 6 (MD28 East)
1.0 mi. X MD355 (TL)
0.2 mi. L MD28 East (TL)
1.5 mi. X Bauer Drive (TL)
0.3 mi. R Bel Pre Rd (TL)
0.1 mi. R Janice Drive (1st R)
3rd house on L - 14725 Janice Drive

From DC Beltway:
North on Georgia Avenue
approx. 4 mi. X Connecticut Avenue
0.3 mi. L Bel Pre
0.7 mi. L Janice Drive (just before TL at MD28) 3rd house on L - 14725
Janice Drive

Another way:
0.0 I-270 split - heading north from I-270 split (get in right lane)
1.0 R Montrose Rd East (At split on ramp you can also get in left lane&
go under Montrose Rd)
0.2 L Tower Oaks Rd (1st L)
0.8 R Wootton Parkway (follow curves)
1.3 X Rockville Pike MD355
0.2 X Veirs Mill Rd (becomes MD28 East)
2.0 X Bauer Dr. (TL)
0.6 R Bel Pre (next TL)
0.1 R Janice Dr.
3rd house on L (14725 Janice Dr.)

OR from Baltimore:
South on I-95 or Rt. 29
East on MD198 (Laurel - Burtonsville)
Miles are approx.:
4 X MD650 (TL) >MD28
4 X Georgia Ave (TL)
1 L Bel Pre (2nd TL)
0.1 R Janice Drive
14725 Janice Drive (3rd house on L)

Work 202-662-4557 (until 6pm)
Cell (weekends only) 202-365-3738