Dear Friends,

We are scheduling a ride for Sunday only this weekend, and it's an EASY

"CLIPPETY-CLOP TO CROSS KEYS," starting from Roy Rogers on Thos. Johnson
Drive in Frederick. MEETING TIME 8:00 a.m. We're starting later than
usual because this is a pretty easy ride, whoo hoo! We're mostly
checking out the beginning and end of the "Over to Dover" "world's
easiest" permanent that I've submitted to RUSA for approval. The ride
will head north to Cross Keys PA, where we'll have lunch at the Cross
Keys Diner. I'll be stopping to check out a couple of stores and an
additional eating establishment for future reference, too, but riders
can skip those if they like. The checkout route includes approximately
1/2 mile of gravel on Baumgardner Rd (not on the official Permanent
route). 100 miles with 62-mile and 88-mile short options.

Here are the directions to the ride start:
ROY ROGERS, 191 Thomas Johnson Drive, Frederick, MARYLAND
From D.C. Beltway (I-495), take I-270 north 31 miles to Frederick.
Continue north on US15 3.7 miles. Take Exit 16, Motter Ave exit (sign
for Frederick Community College). Turn RIGHT at the traffic light onto
Opossumtown Pike. In a quarter mile turn right onto Thomas Johnson
Drive, then left into the shopping center. Park back in the Weis Market

Work 202-662-4557
Cell (weekends only) 202-365-3738


Dear Friends,

Because the DC Randonneurs Annual Meeting is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. Saturday, we'll be doing a shorter ride tomorrw (67 miles). We'll be back to our regular century schedule on Sunday, though! Details below:

"GLEN ECHO METRIC CENTURY," starting from the Glen Echo parking lot, Glen Echo, Maryland. MEETING TIME 8:00 a.m. Nick Bull has fashioned a metric century for tomorrow, combining parts of other rides that we've done from Glen Echo over the years, and including the whacky route that we use to avoid some of the worst congestion in Potomac in the afternoon. We haven't done this route in a few years and I sure hope it still works! Assuming it does, you'll get to see some of the most ghastly and ostentatious (but fascinating in a sick way) McMansions that Potomac has to offer. The good news is that you'll rarely see a car (except for the Jaguars, etc. sitting in the massive driveways) on those streets. You won't see any people on them, either! Most of the ride is on very quiet, rural upper Montgomery County roads. Nick has thrown in Berryville and Black Rock just for fun.

Here's Nick's ride description:
"The route combines portions of several Crista rides to head northwest, paralleling the Potomac to Seneca Lake Park, where it heads north (following the route of the recent Woodsboro 100 that started from Dave Berning's house - moderately hilly). After a rest stop at Boyd's, we continue a little further northwest before turning down Peach Tree for lunch at Cugini's pizza at Poolesville. The ride home features a brief hike across a field near Dave's house that Crista says is fun, then follows back roads to get past Potomac. Cue sheet and GPS file will be posted to the website."

Morning rest stop in Boyds, lunch stop at Cugini's in Poolesville. 67 miles with an optional 12-mile shortcut that avoids Berryville and Black Rock.

Directions to the ride start:
From Maryland, take DC Beltway south toward American Legion Bridge, Exit 39, MD190 (River Rd) east toward Washington. Continue 2.2 miles to a right onto MD614 (Goldsboro Rd). At MacArthur Boulevard, make a right then a quick left into parking lot for Glen Echo Park and Clara Barton House
From Virginia, at Maryland end of American Legion Bridge, take exit 41 onto Clara Barton Parkway east toward DC. In 1.5 miles, bear right on ramp leading to Cabin John overpass. Turn left onto overpass to MacArthur Boulevard. Turn right and continue 0.7 mile to lot for Clara Barton House and Glen Echo Park on right.

From downtown DC, go west on Massachusetts Ave. At Westmoreland Circle, continue on Mass. Ave into Maryland. Turn left onto Goldsboro Rd at the T, then in ½ mi. turn right onto MacArthur Blvd, then quick left into parking lot for Clara Barton House and Glen Echo Park.


"FEAST AT FLANNERY'S," starting from Middletown Primary School, Middletown, Maryland. MEETING TIME 7:45 a.m. I know it's doubtful that starting 15 minutes later than usual will make any difference, but maybe the sun will be a wee bit higher in the sky. In any case, it's back into the icebox on Sunday, so please be prepared for temps in the teens at ride start, and don't expect them to rise much above freezing. Beginning with the relatively benign climb over South Mountain on Arnoldstown Road, we'll be heading northwest over rolling terrain through the Cumberland Valley to Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, where we'll enjoy a very nice lunch at Flannery's Tavern. (See their menu at The return route features a really nice covered bridge that's closed to automobile traffic. After the last rest stop in Cavetown, we'll enjoy traveling south and mostly downhill for several miles on Crystal Falls Drive before the climb back over South Mountain and some noticeable ups and downs on the way back to Middletown. 100 miles with an 85-mile short option.

Directions to the ride start:
From DC Beltway, take I-270 north approximately 32 miles to Frederick. Then take I-70 west 3.5 miles to Exit 49/Alt.40. Go left/west on Alt.40 for about 4 miles to Middletown. Turn left onto MD17 Church St. in Middletown. In 0.1 mile turn left onto Franklin Street. In 0.3 mile turn left into school.

Work 202-662-4557
Cell (weekends only) 202-365-3738


Dear Friends,

We have decided to schedule "Croom and Other Delights," which we had to cancel a couple weeks ago, for tomorrow's ride.  And the meeting time will be a very civilized 8:00 a.m.  The forecast has improved, and I feel confident that the ride will go, but STILL, if there is ANY question tomorrow morning about the chance of precipitation, please call me at 202-365-3738 to confirm that we're on before you drive out to the ride start. 

Here's the info:
"CROOM AND OTHER DELIGHTS," starting from the K-Mart in the Crofton Centre, Crofton, Maryland.  MEETING TIME 8:00 a.m. 

Jim Kuehn designed this ride many, many years ago and it remains one of our favorite southern Maryland centuries.  The ride rolls through Anne Arundel, Prince George's, and Calvert Counties and includes a visit to the Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary, a winter resting place and home for thousands of migratory geese.  100 miles with several short options.  Total elevation gain only about 4,000 feet -- it's a cruise.  There is also an optional scenic tour of the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area, which adds 4 miles (most of it on dirt) and a hill or two.

Directions to the ride start:


From DC Beltway Exit 19, take US50 east 8 miles to exit 13B, MD3 North.

Go North on MD3 for 5-1/2  miles.  Turn right into Crofton Center AFTER Friendly's, before MD424.


202-365-3738 (weekends only)

**Please also note that I do not have access to this g-mail account during the week.**


Sunday ride? MAYBE.

Dear Friends,

We aren't scheduling a ride for Saturday.  We HOPE to schedule a ride
for Sunday, but probably won't decide until tomorrow evening when we
have a better idea as to whether it might snow.  I'll post a notice to
the DC Rand list when we make our decision.  If you don't subscribe to
DC Rand and are interested in riding with us on Sunday, just give me a
call on my cell tomorrow and I'll give you an update.  202-365-3738.  I
haven't yet decided WHERE we'll ride if we DO ride; it will all depend
on the weather.



Dear Friends,

I do believe we'll pass on Saturday, but Sunday definitely looks
salvageable if we don't go TOO far north. Good excuse for a REALLY
close-in ride start -- Chuck's house! If Sunday's forecast deteriorates
between now and Sunday, Chuck and I will be happy to provide you with a
cue sheet and map even if we weenie out, but we're pretty desperate to
ride so I doubt that will happen.

Here's the plan:

"HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY," starting from Chuck's house in Rockville.
MEETING TIME 7:30 a.m. As you may have figured, the first 10 miles or
so of this ride are the standard Rockville-Olney escape route, but after
that the ride becomes rural, very scenic, and VERY HILLY. We'll be
riding in a northwesterly direction into the Frederick Valley on our way
to Woodsboro, where we'll have lunch at Trout's Town Restaurant. Good
idea to fuel up well at lunch, as we'll tackle the length of Coppermine
Road upon leaving town and encounter lots of "scenery" as we head back.
Great news: the last 25 miles from Mt. Airy back to Chuck's are an
honestly mellow cruise! 101 miles, with short options of 68 or 88.
Estimated elevation gain 6500-7000 feet.

Here are the directions to Chuck's:
CHUCK WOOD'S HOUSE, 14725 Janice Drive, Rockville, Maryland

From I-270:
Rockville Exit 6 (MD28 East)
1.0 mi. X MD355 (TL)
0.2 mi. L MD28 East (TL)
1.5 mi. X Bauer Drive (TL)
0.3 mi. R Bel Pre Rd (TL)
0.1 mi. R Janice Drive (1st R)
3rd house on L - 14725 Janice Drive

From DC Beltway:
North on Georgia Avenue
approx. 4 mi. X Connecticut Avenue
0.3 mi. L Bel Pre
0.7 mi. L Janice Drive (just before TL at MD28) 3rd house on L - 14725
Janice Drive

Another way:
0.0 I-270 split - heading north from I-270 split (get in right lane)
1.0 R Montrose Rd East (At split on ramp you can also get in left lane&
go under Montrose Rd)
0.2 L Tower Oaks Rd (1st L)
0.8 R Wootton Parkway (follow curves)
1.3 X Rockville Pike MD355
0.2 X Veirs Mill Rd (becomes MD28 East)
2.0 X Bauer Dr. (TL)
0.6 R Bel Pre (next TL)
0.1 R Janice Dr.
3rd house on L (14725 Janice Dr.)

OR from Baltimore:
South on I-95 or Rt. 29
East on MD198 (Laurel - Burtonsville)
Miles are approx.:
4 X MD650 (TL) >MD28
4 X Georgia Ave (TL)
1 L Bel Pre (2nd TL)
0.1 R Janice Drive
14725 Janice Drive (3rd house on L)

Work 202-662-4557 (until 6pm)
Cell (weekends only) 202-365-3738