Dear Friends,

As I mentioned several weeks ago, this Saturday we will be riding Paul
Donaldson's epic 176-mile RICHMOND ROUNDABOUT! All fleche teams are
invited and encouraged to convene in Ashland, Virginia (center of the
universe) for this really fun event. Even if you're NOT on a fleche
team this year, please come down for the ride--the more the merrier.
Also, for those of you who would like to come down to Ashland to ride
but don't want to ride 176 miles or start at oh-dark-thirty, Ed Felker
will be leading a century ride from Ashland Coffee & Tea (with a truly
civilized meeting time of 8:30 a.m.). Details below. Note there are
three rides this weekend: 2 on Saturday, and one on Sunday.

"THE RICHMOND ROUNDABOUT," starting from Ashland Coffee & Tea Co.,
Ashland, Virginia. MEETING TIME 5:00 a.m. (This means that we want to
be on the road by 5:15.) We'll meet in the parking lot behind Ashland
Coffee & Tea, familiar to all of you who have ridden Paul's Tappahannock
200K brevet. We usually get a large turnout for this ride and there
will be lots of activity in the parking lot, so please arrive on time.
We will not be waiting for late-comers. We'll leave any surplus cue
sheets and maps on the windshield of the Chuckwagon when we take off.
LIGHTS ARE ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED, as we'll be riding in the dark for more
than an hour in the morning and many riders will finish after sundown
(excellent fleche training, of course). Please DO NOT show up without
lights. Period. Note this is an unsupported randonneur ride. Bring
and carry what you need, be self sufficient, ride at your own pace, and
have a blast! If you are on a fleche team, riding with your team
members is really encouraged, particularly if you don't ride together on
a regular basis.

Also, because of the large turnout expected and the fact that the map
packet consists of five pages of maps, PLEASE let me know by no later
than Thursday if you plan to attend. it would be extremely helpful to
me to have an estimated headcount so that I'll know how many cue sheets
and maps to produce. Accordingly, please shoot me an email if you're
planning to attend. If you've done this ride in years past and still
have the maps, please advise me accordingly and bring them with you. It
will help me cut down on copying expenses. No need to keep old cue
sheets since I make revisions or corrections of some kind just about
everytime we do a ride.

Here's the recycled ride description: This is an excellent training ride
for those who are planning to ride the Fleche on April 25 (or 24th if
you're starting on Friday), but all are welcome. There are plenty of
stores along the route, and we'll have several rest stops, including TWO
(2!) Subway lunch stops for you Subway aficionados (I'm NOT one of
them). Paul WGR Donaldson (World's Greatest Randonneur) designed this
delightful 176-mile odyssey that circles around Richmond. The ride has
a lot of historical flavor, passing many Civil War sites and other
historical points of interest. It crosses three rivers (the James,
Chickahominy and Appomattox) as well as Skinquarter Creek, and spans 7
counties. And there's more--2 FROGS ON A BIKE!! The terrain is very
gentle without being boringly flat. Estimated total elevation gain 5800

We'll plan to convene and hang out at Ashland Coffee & Tea after the
ride. It's open until around 10:00.

Directions to the ride start:
From the Washington Beltway, south on I-95. Take Exit 92B (Ashland
exit), VA54 West. Follow VA54 into Ashland (about a mile, maybe less).
After crossing the railroad tracks and Railroad Avenue (Visitors Center
to R), turn right into the little lot behind and slightly south of the
Henry Clay Inn (just past the Ashland Coffee & Tea Co.). Park near the
trees. Alternatively, you can park on the street adjacent to the
Visitors Center.


Ed Felker will be leading "LOUISA RE-MEMBERED," starting from Ashland
Coffee & Tea, 100 N. Railroad Avenue, Ashland, Virginia. **MEETING TIME
8:30 a.m.**

While nursing a hot cup of cocoa at the Reva Market on a cold December
day in 1997, Jim, Chuck & Crista scanned the front page of a local
newspaper and noticed a gruesome story about a dismembered corpse that
had been discovered at the bottom of a well in the tiny town of Louisa,
Virginia. So please ride carefully -- we want everyone to come back in
one piece!!!

Step back in time with us as we travel the quiet rural roads of OLD
Virginia. No multi-million-dollar horse estates on this ride, but we DO
pass the GOSPEL CHICKEN HOUSE and the bustling metropolises of Bumpass
and Beaverdam. Lunch in Louisa, of course. Highlights on the return
route are some nice views of Lake Anna and Patrick Henry's home,
Scotchtown. Terrain is pretty mellow, with one significant hill before
we return to Ashland. 107 miles, with short options of 58, 73, 85 miles
or 103 miles.

Directions to the ride start: same as above!

Contact: Ed Felker
Cell is 202-277-2487
email: eddiefel@gmail.com


"STONEWALL'S REVENGE," starting from Margaret Pierce Elementary School,
Remington, Virginia. NOTE THE MEETING TIME IS **8:30 AM**!! I am
guessing that it was back in 1994 that Tom led the original 130-mile
version of this ride. The terrain is gently rolling, heading south
through Brandy Station and Stevensburg on the way to the first rest stop
at the Rapidan Trading Post. (if it's open, but it probably ain't, so
bring sufficient snacks and we'll stop there and sit on the porch for a
spell anyway). Then we continue south and cross Lake Anna twice before
our lunch stop at the Lakeview Restaurant at Hunter's Landing. On the
way back we'll ride through part of the Chancellorsville National
Military Park, but we WON'T stop at the Visitors Center where they want
to assess us $4.00 for using the restroom (in fact I'll bet it's at
least $5.00 now). 105 miles, with a 72-mile short option. Total
elevation gain ~3500 feet.

Directions to the ride start:
9, take I-66 West 21 miles to Exit 43A (Gainesville/Warrenton). Take
US29 south 24 miles to Remington. Turn left onto Bus.29, just past
VA28. Proceed 1.4 mi. to school on R.

Work 202-662-4557
Cell (weekends only) 202-365-3738