Dear Friends,

Brevet season is in full swing now, and the DC Randonneurs Warrenton
300K Brevet is this Saturday. And Chuck and I will be leading a ride on
Sunday from the Warrenton Municipal Lot--really convenient for
randonneurs who stay over in Warrenton Saturday night after the brevet!

Here are the details:

DC RANDONNEURS WARRENTON ACP 300K BREVET, starting from the Hampton Inn
in Warrenton, Virginia at 5:00 a.m. Here is all the pertinent info,
courtesy of RBA Bill Beck:

"The cue sheet and GPS files for the Warrenton ACP 300K brevet scheduled
for this Saturday, May 2, are now posted at
. A map link to the start is included in the ride
description at
Park as far from the hotel building as possible. Registration will be in
a meeting room adjacent to the lobby and will be open from 6-8PM on
Friday and from 4-5AM on Saturday. Mandatory bike inspection will take
place outside. You should go to the bike inspection first. After passing
the inspection, you will be given a sticker to take to the registration,
where you will receive your control card. Since this is the first 2009
brevet with MANDATORY lighting, I have included the RUSA rule at the
bottom of this message. Be sure to have your front and rear lights,
reflective vest or Sam Browne sash, and reflective ankle bands.

I will have a limited supply of 300K medals
(http://www.rusa.org/medals/medalimage29.html) that will be available at
the finish for $10 to all qualified finishers. If you don't get a medal
at the finish, you can still order one yourself from the RUSA online
store (http://www.rusa.org/cgi-bin/store_GF.pl) after the ride results
have been posted." -- Bill Beck

Article 10

For night riding, vehicles must be equipped with front and rear lights
attached firmly to the vehicle. Lights must be turned on at all times
during hours of darkness or other low-light conditions (rain, fog,
etc.). At least one of the rear lights must be in a steady (rather than
flashing) mode. All riders' lights must meet the requirements of local
laws. A rider is not permitted to cycle at night or in other low-light
conditions without working front and rear lights attached to the
vehicle; therefore backup lighting systems and/or spare bulbs are
strongly recommended in case the primary system fails and cannot be
repaired on the roadside. Each rider, whether riding in a group or
alone, must fully comply with this requirement. Everyone must use their

During hours of darkness or other low-light conditions, all riders must
wear a reflective vest, sash, Sam Browne belt, or some other device that
clearly places reflective material on the front and back of the rider.
During these times all riders will also wear a reflective ankle band
around each ankle. (Due to their unusual seating position, recumbent
riders may modify their reflective torso devices to show better from
front and rear.) Other reflective devices on clothing, shoes, helmets,
and machines are encouraged for increased safety - but they are extra
and may not take the place of the minimum items listed above.

Any violation of these night riding rules will result in the immediate
disqualification of the rider.


SUNDAY, MAY 3, 2009
"THE PURCELLVILLE PRANCE," starting from Municipal Parking Lot A,
Warrenton, Virginia. **MEETING TIME 8:00 a.m.** A classic horse
country ride with hills-a'plenty but no major climbs. We'll hit most of
the major horsey set locales, including The Plains, Middleburg,
Mountville, Purcellville, Round Hill, Airmont, and Marshall, and we may
even encounter a fox hunt in progress! We'll have lunch in
Purcellville, and riders can vote on whether we should dine in style at
Magnolia's at the Mill or slum it at Al's Pizza. Elevation guesstimate
about 7000-7500 feet. 100 miles with short options of 55, 69, and 84

Directions to the ride start:

From DC Beltway, take I-66 west 21 miles to Exit 43A
(Gainesville/Warrenton). South on US29 for 11.5 miles where road forks
near Warrenton. Bear right at split, taking Warrenton exit (Bus.
US29/15). Continue straight for 2 miles, following signs for US211
(*NOT* Bus.211). Turn LEFT onto Waterloo Street (TL) (Howard Johnson
Inn is on the right at this intersection). In 0.7 mi. turn right on
Ashby Street. Continue straight into Municipal Lot A.

Work 202-662-4557
Cell (weekends only) 202-365-3738