Dear Friends,

The big one has arrived!

Saturday and Sunday is the DC Randonneurs 600 Kilometer Brevet, starting
from the MOTEL 6!!!! in Frederick, Maryland. This is the same motel
that just last week was a Quality Inn and for many years was a Holiday
Inn. Come and reminisce about the old days while you can, because
starting next year we'll be moving our Frederick brevet starts

Here's all the pertinent info, courtesy of our esteemed RBA, Bill Beck:


The cue sheet and GPS files for the Frederick ACP 600K brevet scheduled
for this Saturday, June 13, are now posted at

A map link to the start is included in the ride description at
Park at the upper end of the parking lot (near W Patrick St), as far
from the hotel as possible. Registration will be in a covered walkway at
that upper end of the hotel and will be open from 6-8PM on Friday and
from 3-4AM on Saturday. Mandatory bike inspection will take place
nearby. You should go to the bike inspection first. After passing the
inspection, you will be given a sticker or other item to take to the
registration, where you will receive your control card. Be sure to have
your front and rear lights, reflective vest or Sam Browne sash, and
reflective ankle bands.

If you want to see where you will be going, you can see a GPS track from
the first day's loop of the checkout ride at and for the second
day's loop at . My
Polar elevation and temperature profile from the checkout are at the end
of the photo set at .

As I mentioned in a previous message, the former Quality Inn has changed
into a Motel 6. They no longer supply shampoo or alarm clocks.
But they do provide wake-up calls. If you are staying at the Motel 6, I
strongly suggest that you bring your own alarm AND ask for a wake-up
call so that you do not oversleep like happened to me on the checkout
when my wristwatch alarm failed to wake me. I ended up making it to the
East Berlin control with less than 30 minutes until it closed. (We will
almost certainly be shifting to a different motel for next year's
Frederick brevets.)

We will now be requiring that all riders provide an emergency contact
name and phone number at registration. So please be sure to bring that
information and write it clearly on the sheet.

We will have a limited supply of 600K medals
( that will be available at
the finish for $10 to all qualified finishers who are RUSA members.
If you don't get a medal at the finish, you can still order one yourself
from the RUSA online store (
) after the ride results have been posted.

See you in Frederick!



Hope to see you all there!