Dear Friends,

DC Randonneurs is offering a new and different 200K Brevet (FLAT and FREE!) on Saturday, designed by Chip Adams. For all the important details on the Flatbread 200K (including driving directions), see the DCRandonneurs website, www.dcrand.org.  We're expecting a great turnout and, to entice you to attend this fun event, here is Chip's ride description:

"Get ready to ride your fastest ever 200K on some of the flattest roads you'll ever see. You don't even get rollers! You may actually find a 1% or 2% grade here and there, but the only time you'll be out of the saddle is when you're trying to see over the corn rows. This will be a wild departure from the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia, but it should be enjoyable and very scenic during this time of year.

The ride starts in the quaint little town of Centreville, Maryland on the eastern shore and passes through a couple of marshy basins before heading toward the ocean at Slaughter Beach. Before you get to the Control at mile 59, you may want to take a left on one of several short roads that give you access to the ocean and dip a toe or two in the Atlantic. Heck, go for a swim if you want. Watch out for sharks!

After the Slaughter Beach Control, you have only 10 miles to the next Control and, if you would like, a nice lunch at the Iguana Grill in Milton, DE. They may even have "Flatbread." The folks are friendly, the menu is great, and yes, you can still have a nice lunch and have your personal best for a 200K.

Heading back towards Centreville and the final Control, the ride will pass through the Bridgeville Control and into Denton, Maryland. There's an opportunity to fill your water bottles and grab a snack before the last push into the final Control at the Good Guys Sportsbar in Centreville."



"UNION BRIDGE CENTURY," starting from Chuck Wood's house, 14725 Janice Drive, Rockville, Maryland.  **MEETING TIME 7:30 a.m.**  Usually we try to schedule a relatively tame ride on Sunday as an antidote to our customary hilly Saturday ride, but this Sunday we'll do a few hills to make up for Saturday's flatness.  Once we get past the obligatory Rockville "escape route," this ride becomes delightfully scenic and rural as we head north through Howard, Carroll and Frederick Counties to Union Bridge.  After our first rest stop in Mt. Airy, one short but nasty molehill on Harrisville Road yields us a marvelous long run down appropriately named Talbot Run.  We'll ride the entire length of Bessie Clemson Road, one of our all-time favorite Frederick County roads, as we wend our way over to historic Union Bridge for a yummy lunch at Original Pizza (NOT to be confused with "OIP" (Original Italian Pizza).  This is NOT a chain, but rather an authentic Italian mom & pop pizza joint.  Not only is their pizza excellent, but the crab soup is as good as any we've had in fancy seafood restaurants.  After lunch we'll enjoy a beautiful and bucolic stretch along Sam's Creek before the terrain once again becomes "stimulating."  There is a brief stretch of hard-pack on Roop Road, which riders can avoid if they want to replace it with the gnarliest part of Buffalo Road.  We'll pass through Woodbine and have a final rest stop in Lisbon before returning to Chuck's house.  101 miles, with a 56-mile short option that turns around in Mt. Airy.  There are also a couple of little shortcuts before and after lunch.  You can take both of those and yield a 92-mile ride.  Estimated elevation gain for the century 6000-6500 feet.

Here are LOTS of directions to Chuck's house (take your pick or just do a Mapquest!):

CHUCK WOOD'S HOUSE, 14725 Janice Drive, Rockville, Maryland

From I-270: 

Rockville Exit 6 (MD28 East) 

1.0 mi. X MD355 (TL) 

0.2 mi. L MD28 East (TL) 

1.5 mi. X Bauer Drive (TL) 

0.6 mi. R Bel Pre Rd (TL) 

0.1 mi. 1st R Janice Drive

3rd house on L - 14725 Janice Drive 


From DC Beltway: 

North on Georgia Avenue 

approx. 4 mi. X Connecticut Avenue 

0.7 mi. L Bel Pre Rd

1.1 mi. L Janice Drive (just before TL at MD28) 

3rd house on L - 14725 Janice Drive 


Another way: 

0.0  I-270 split - heading north from I-270 split (get in right lane) 

1.0  R Montrose Rd East (At split on ramp you can also get in left lane& go under Montrose Rd) 

0.2   L Tower Oaks Rd (1st L) 

0.8   R Wootton Parkway (follow curves) 

1.3   X Rockville Pike MD355 

0.2   X Veirs Mill Rd (becomes MD28 East) 

2.0   X Bauer Dr. (TL) 

0.6   R Bel Pre (next TL) 

0.1   1st R Janice Dr. 

3rd house on L (14725 Janice Dr.) 


OR from Baltimore:

South on I-95 or Rt. 29 

East on MD198 (Laurel - Burtonsville) 

Miles are approx.: 

4    X  MD650 (TL) >MD28 

4    X  Georgia Ave (TL) 

1.4   L Bel Pre (2nd TL) 

0.1   1st R Janice Drive 

14725 Janice Drive (3rd house on L)