Dear Friends,

Conditions aren't looking very friendly for our traditional New Year's Day Weenie One Hundred.  I'm concerned that the Mt. Vernon, W&OD and Custis Trails will have icy patches, so we're considering an alternate century ride starting from Southern High School in Harwood, MD.  If it looks like roads will be clear down there tomorrow, we'll probably go for it and it we'll be checking out parts of a possible new permanent route that would start a bit north of Harwood, in Crofton.  The route heads south to Solomons Island and uses a few fairly long stretches of MD2, which is a busy state highway but has wide shoulders.  I'll send out another notice this evening, once we've determined if the ride will be a GO. If any of you have info on road conditions south of Harwood, please let me know!

Saturday looks beastly windy, and we'll probably pass on riding that day.

Bob Wagner is leading a ride on Sunday  (the "Circumnavigation of Baltimore").  I'll send out the details on that ride as soon as Bob sends me his ride description, driving directions, etc.  I know the ride starts in Fell Point in Baltimore.

Stay tuned,