Dear Friends,

What a revoltin' development this is.  We're sick of the cold and the snow and the wind.  But guess what, spring is just around the corner and we've got to get in shape for it, so we're hoping that the wind will die down at least a little bit by Sunday.  My records indicate that we haven't done the classic "Horseshoe Hundred" since 2005, and that's just sad.  So let's do it!

Note:  If you'd like to join us, please email me and I'll send you an electronic copy of the cue sheet (as well as a Garmin file if you would like)!  My printer is not cooperating at all today.  If you can't print your own cue sheet let me know and I'll see if I can print out an extra copy to bring to the ride start for you.


"THE HORSESHOE HUNDRED," starting from the VDOT Commuter Parking Lot in Marshall, Virginia.  MEETING TIME 7:30 am. A very SCENIC and hilly ride through classic Virginia horse country, visiting The Plains, Middleburg ("if you're not rich you're not welcome"), Airmont, Bluemont, Pine Grove, Frogtown, Linden, Markham, Hume and Orlean.  We'll climb over Snickers Gap, then swoop down to the Shenandoah River after a brief sidetrip on the Horseshoe Curve.  There is even a 4-mile FLAT stretch along the Shenandoah River.  We could have an early lunch at the Pine Grove Restaurant or a late lunch at the Apple House in Linden; show up for the ride and you get to vote!  100 miles, with several optional shortcuts.  Estimated total elevation gain 7,500 feet (or so).

Directions to the ride start:


From DC beltway I-495, take exit 49 onto I-66 west,  In 36 miles, take exit 28 for US17 toward Warrenton/Marshall.  In 0.4 mi. take the Bus.17 ramp right toward Marshall.  In 0.7 mi. turn left on Main Street/VA55 at traffic light.  In ~ 0.2 mi. turn right on Frost St. & follow to parking lot at end of the road.