Dear Friends,

Once again we can only ride one day this weekend and we're picking the cooler of the two days.  We're also headed for the coolest possible spot around -- Skyline Drive.

"SKYLINE CENTURY," starting from the K-Mart in Front Royal, Virginia.  MEETING TIME 7:30 a.m.  Our plan is to ride to Big Meadows and back -- lunch at Big Meadows, and  morning and afternoon rest stops at the Elk Wallow Wayside.  This is a ride for everyone -- If a century isn't enough for you, you can keep heading south from Big Meadows until you've had enuf, and if you don't feel like riding a full century you can turn around at any point on the Drive.  Elk Wallow is at milepost 24.1 and has a camp store with a snack bar and delicious blackberry milkshakes.  Skyland is at milepost 41.7 and has a restaurant.  Big Meadows, our planned turn-around, is at milepost 51 and has a restaurant. 

Forecast for Saturday on the Drive is partly cloudy with high in the mid 80s.

I doubt if you need a cue sheet for this ride, but I do happen to have one of sorts.  If you're planning to join us, please let me know and I'll send you an electronic copy.  I'm not bringing hard copies to the ride start unless you advise me that you can't print out your own.