Frederick Pedalers Century this Saturday Sept 25

Dear Friends,

We don't have a ride scheduled for Sunday, but Bill Shakespeare Smith and his merry band of Fred Peds are putting on their annual no-frills no fee club century this Saturday!  It is always a great event, and this year the route is based on the "E-I-E-I-O" century, with the lunch stop at Rocco's in East Berlin!  Here are all the juicy details, courtesy of the bard:

The club century is set for Saturday, Sept 25; the cue sheets may be found at the link below.  There is just one cue sheet, made up of three pages.  It contains all routes.

Cue Sheet(s) on the web site: (main info) and (cue sheet)

Links to the maps on
Here are the ride details.

Century—101 Miles:
· Starts on Silo Hill Parkway (Emmitsburg) - adjacent to McDonald's on MD140 at US15
· Leave: Whenever you want, however the "leaders" (see below) will meet at 7:15 am and depart at 7:30.  If you plan on leaving later, print a cue sheet from the web site.
· Terrain: rolling to hilly, 5200 feet of climbing
· Distance: 101 miles
· Visits: Littlestown, Irishtown, East Berlin, Idaville, Aspers, Arendtsville, Emmitsburg

Metric—62 Miles:
· Starts same place
· Leave: We suggest leaving at 9 am; however—print a cue sheet from the web site
· Terrain: rolling, some hills
· Cuts off from the century at mile 38
· Visits: Littlestown, New Oxford, Bonneauville, Emmitsburg

Shortcut # 1—53 Miles:
· Leave: We suggest leaving at 9 am; however—print a cue sheet from the web site
  Cuts off from the century at mile 32
  Terrain: easier and flatter than the metric
· Goes to Littlestown, Bonneauville and back to Emmitsburg

Shortcut # 2—43 Miles:
· Leave: We suggest leaving at 9 am; however—print a cue sheet from the web site
  Cuts off from the century at mile 25
  Only a few hills
· Goes to Littlestown and back to Emmitsburg

We do not have official leaders for ANY of the rides.  Club members are welcome to volunteer for this.  Vicki and I plan on doing the century at a pace of about 14.0-14.5 mph; we welcome anyone who wishes to ride along with us.

What You Get for Your $:
· The cost of these rides is zero—money-back guarantee—if you don't like the ride, your full purchase price will be refunded to you
· We'll provide cue sheets; maps will be on (see above)
· You should bring money for stores

    This is a ride-at-your-own-pace event.  It is very unlikely that anyone need ride alone, as there will be plenty of riders of various paces taking part.

Rest Stops (Stores):
· Century—at mileage points: 21, 46, 47, 64, 66, 74, 90.
· 62 Miles—at mileage points 22, 38, 45.
· 53 Miles—22, 37.
· 43 Miles—22.

Maps and Cue Sheets:
    Cue sheets are available on the club web site at  We cannot guarantee that there will be enough cue sheets at the ride start—it is recommended to download the cue sheets from the web site.  Vicki and I will be riding the century on our tandem (departing at 7:30); you are welcome to ride with us.  We'll leave a stack of cue sheets next to our van when we depart.

Cautions, etc.
There will be some traffic to deal with (but not much), mostly in towns.  The century crosses two metal-grate (see-through) bridges - mileages 56 and 60.  If the roads are wet, ride across them at your own risk.  If roads are dry, cross slowly and carefully - do not lean or turn.  One is long enough that, if it is wet, riding across it will almost certainly lead to a fall on the bridge and a trip to the hospital.  The century crosses US route 30 at mile 36 - there is road construction at that intersection.  Be very careful there.  The metric ride at mile 39 has a very bad bump at the left turn (road construction) - take this turn slowly and at a wide right angle - do not cut the turn.  The full century passes two very good restaurants - one in East Berlin (Rocco's), the other in Aspers (Little Italy).  The metric passes by the New Oxford Coffee Company on the traffic circle turn - we very much recommend this place.  Remember that the turns are NOT MARKED. 
Read your cue sheet to avoid becoming lost.

Thanks go to:
The Brain Trust - a "pirate" Frederick Pedalers sub-(dis)organization, answerable to no one, made up of Mike Wali, Barry McMahon, Dave Sweeney, Vicki and Bill Smith.  These folks have made the century happen, from route design and checkout to ideas and brainstorming.  Special thanks go to Barry McMahon for suggesting the route (adapted from a Crista Borras/DC Randonneurs ride) and doing the initial driving of the century route, and Mike Wali, who rode all four route options on checkout rides.