"Diminutive Dover Delight" Permanent Populaire

Dear Friends,

So, I have another new permanent populaire for our local P12 seekers.  "Diminutive Dover Delight" is a 135K abbreviated version of "Over to Dover."  It's the identical route except that it starts and ends in Emmitsburg and omits the southern legs between Frederick and Emmitsburg.  Heading in a northeasterly direction to Dover, Pennsylvania, the route features picturesque scenery with several crossings over old stone bridges and, for the most part, gentle terrain.  There's one big hill just before lunch.  Since it's an out-and-back route, it climbs over the same hill just after lunch, too, but the grade is kinder and gentler heading in that direction. Afternoon cross-winds can be a player this time of year :-)  Estimated elevation gain about 4,000 feet.  Your altimeter may vary.


I've about come to the end of my project of shortening existing permanent routes to form new populaires but hope to design some original populaire routes in the coming weeks if time permits.  And here's a thought.  If you're participating in RUSA's R-12 and/or P-12 program, why not design a route of your own that starts in a location convenient to you?