BIG Saturday Ride - DC Randonneurs "Contrary Mother 300K Brevet"

Dear Friends,

The DC Randonneurs "Contrary Mother of All 300K's" Brevet is scheduled for this Saturday, April 9, starting from the Super 8 in Middletown, Virginia at 5:00 a.m.  Truly an epic ride that will challenge and thrill you all at the same time.  We won't be scheduling a Sunday ride, as we'll be busy licking our wounds.

Here are all the details, courtesy of RBA Bill Beck.  See ya there!


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From: William Beck <>
Date: Tue, Apr 5, 2011 at 8:02 AM
Subject: [DC Randonneurs] Cue sheet & GPS files posted for April 9 Contrary Mother 300K ACP brevet

The cue sheet and GPS files for the Contrary Mother 300K brevet scheduled for 5AM this Saturday, April 9, are now posted at If you downloaded the GPS files before today you should redownload them since there was a change.

Registration will be open in the lobby of the Super 8 Motel on Friday from 6PM to 8PM and on Saturday morning starting at 4AM. There will be a mandatory bike inspection for front and rear lights firmly attached to the bike, and you will also be asked to show your reflective ankle bands and vest or Sam Browne belt. [See Article 10 of the RUSA rules for riders ( for details.] Note that the current rules strongly recommend backup lights for both the front and back, but they are not mandatory so we won't require them. But I strongly advise bringing backup lighting since there are many ways for a light to fail, and you would be frozen in place if your light fails in the dark. Riding without front and rear lights is a mandatory disqualification.
As the name "Contrary Mother of all 300Ks" suggests, there are a few hills on the route. But it is very beautiful, and will be excellent training for those planning on PBP or another long ride this year. Hopefully we will have better weather than on the checkout ride last Sunday. Our dedicated checkout riders, Gary Dean, Lynn Kristianson, and ride organizer Maile Neel encountered a big lighting storm with hail at the top of Wolf Gap (but finished safely).

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