Saturday Ride (& maybe Sunday)

Dear Friends,

We're really excited for all our randonneur friends who are over in France now, and in solidarity with them we're going to ride PBP, too!  For those of you who for whatever reason weren't able to swing the epic voyage this year, I hope you can join us on our own adventure. 

Please download and print out your own cue sheet and GPS file for the Saturday's ride directly from the DCCenturyRides blog,

Just click on "Cue Sheets" (on the left side of the page), and you'll find them there!  When you open a pdf file, just click on "Print" to print the cue sheet.  If you're unable to print the cue sheet yourself, let me know and I'll bring a hard copy to the ride start for you.  I won't be bringing extra copies of cue sheets to the ride start unless you email me directly and advise me that you're unable to print out your own.



PBP (Poolesville – Boonsboro – Poolesville), starting from McDonald's in Poolesville, Maryland.  **MEETING TIME 7:30 a.m.**  A new ride designed just for this special occasion, albeit mostly on familiar Frederick and Washington County roads.  It's kind of a drunken sailor route, so there are plenty of places where you can shortcut, but I haven't had time to cue any of them.  Here'a s link to an interactive Ridewithgps map:

On the way to Boonsboro, we'll be on two of our favorite roads that include short stretches of unpaved surface, but don't let that discourage you because they're nice hardpack and really beautiful.  Also, in keeping with the PBP theme, if you're an old-timer you'll recognize parts of the route from Dave Berning's original 200K brevet route from 1991!  Lunch at the Icing Bakery & CafĂ© in Boonsboro.  100 miles, estimated elevation gain 6600 feet.


Sunday is still up in the air, depending on the weather.  If we do decide to ride on Sunday, I'll send out an additional notice, I hope by Friday night.  If we schedule ride it will be something easy and slow-paced,