Sunday Ride, November 20, 2011

Dear Friends,

Before I go into the juicy details about Sunday's ride, here, by popular demand, is YE OLDE WINTER SERMON!!

For the next few months the days will be short. Accordingly, we will be making a concerted effort to finish our weekend rides before the dark monster catches us. For that reason, I'm asking everyone (that includes Chuck and me) to try to be on time to the ride starts so that we can get on the road 15 minutes after the scheduled meeting time. If you show up late and you're one of the "rabbits," please don't expect the group to wait for you while you pump up your tires, put on your cycling shoes, fix the flat tire that you acquired on the previous ride, etc. You can catch up! We will still attempt to regroup at the rest stops but will try to limit those stops to 15 minutes (20 max). And of course we'll continue to enjoy our leisurely lunches (usually an hour or so). If Chuck and I are late to the ride start we promise a full refund :-

Inevitably, there will be a time or two when the dark monster has his wicked way with us, so please come equipped with **LIGHTS** on your bike!

As always, please download and print out your own cue sheets and GPS files for the weekend rides directly from the DCCenturyRides blog,

Just click on "Cue Sheets" (on the left side of the page), and you'll find them there!  When you open a PDF file, just click on "File" and then "Print (PDF)" to print the cue sheet.  If you're unable to print the cue sheet yourself, let me know and I'll bring a hard copy to the ride start for you.  I won't be bringing extra copies of cue sheets to the ride start unless you email me directly and advise me that you're unable to print out your own.

So here's what we're doing on Sunday.  Hope you can join us!

"ALL ABOUT ABBOTTSTOWN," starting from McDonald's, 13769 Catoctin Furnace Road, Thurmont, Maryland.  **MEETING TIME 8:00 a.m.**  A "relatively" mellow and yet scenic trek through pleasant central Maryland and south central Pennsylvania farmland.  The route passes through Detour, Middleburg, Littlestown and New Oxford on the way to lunch at Brothers Pizza in Abbottstown.  The return route visits Taneytown and Keysville.  102 miles, with a 70-mile short option.  Estimated elevation gain 4700 feet.  Here's a link to the interactive RWGPS map: