Weekend Rides, October 30-31, 2010

Dear Friends,

The fall colors are peaking, the weekend forecast is for sunny skies, and we have two great rides scheduled for the weekend!  Please note the meeting times -- 8:00 on Saturday and 7:45 on Sunday!    Also, if you plan to join us on one or both days, please email me directly and request an electronic copy of the cue sheet.  I'll only bring copies to the ride start for those who advise me that they're unable to print out their own.

Ghosts, Ghouls & Graveyards


"GHOSTS, GHOULS AND GRAVEYARDS," starting from Gathland State Park, Burkittsville, Maryland.  **MEETING TIME 8:00 a.m.**  Although we're "celebrating" a day early, we are reviving our classic Halloween ride, "Ghosts, Ghouls & Graveyards" on Saturday.    This exTREEMely scary and challenging ride (~9700 feet elevation gain) visits at least 24 historic cemeteries and graveyards, mostly in Frederick County's beautiful Middletown valley.  You'll also commune with the ghosts of fallen Civil War soldiers as you try to elude the terrifying Snallygaster and Snarly Yow (better ride fast)!  See http://wesclark.com/jw/snallygaster.html and http://wesclark.com/jw/s_yow.html.  There are some incredible views, of course.


We will visit over 20 (maybe 30!) haunted cemeteries and graveyards and encounter ghosts, ghouls, goblins, beasts and demons as we skulk around the Middletown Valley and up and down South Mountain. There may be heavy casualties on this VERY SCARY ride of attrition. **LIGHTS REQUIRED** if you plan to do the ride in its entirety, as there is much to be seen and savored along the way, and we anticipate a climactic, post-twilight mountain-top finale!  There will be a memorial service after the ride to mourn the loss of those who on this day fall victim to the Snallygaster or the Snarly Yow....or simply to the accumulated elevation gain. 102 miles, with more short options than you can shake a broomstick at, but you dare not take any of them lest the Snallygaster have his wicked way with you!  Estimated elevation gain 9700 feet.


Note--there will be an optional brief hike (less than 0.1 mile) on a dirt path to visit a well hidden life-size bronze statue of a dying Civil War soldier, in the center of the area where the most intense fighting took place at Fox's Gap during the battle of South Mountain. If you'd like to accompany us on this little detour you might want to consider bringing covers for your cleats or wearing mountain bike shoes (or better yet walk in your stocking feet), as there are ghosts in every little nook and cranny of Fox's Gap and we want to be quiet so as not to disturb).


Directions to the ride start:


From I-495, DC Beltway, go North on I-270 north 31 miles to Frederick. 

West on I-70 west toward Hagerstown, then 

Exit 52 onto US340 west toward Charlestown/Leesburg. 

In 12 miles take the MD17 exit toward Burkittsville. 

Bear right onto MD17 Burkittsville Rd. 

In 4 miles turn left onto Main Street in Burkittsville. 

In 1 mile turn right onto Arnoldstown Rd at top of climb (War Correspondent's Arch on R), then 

QL into parking lot.



"A NEW WAY TO NEW WINDSOR," starting from the C&C Chalet, 14725 Janice Drive, Rockville, Maryland.  **MEETING TIME 7:45 A.M.**  I think it's been 4 or 5 years since we last rode from home to New Windsor.  We've been looking forward to lunch at K&B's, but they're closed on Sunday so we're going to give the New Windsor Inn our business this weekend.  The route has been revised a number of times and chances are that you'll see a new road or two if you come out with us for this version.  We head north on our customary "Rockville escape route" to our first rest stop in Lisbon.  From there we'll continue north through Woodbine and Watersville, eventually wending our way over to Sam's Creek and then to New Windsor for a leisurely lunch stop.  We'll take a different route back, with an afternoon rest stop in Mt. Airy.  Most of the ride is quite hilly, but the last 25 miles are fairly mellow.  Estimated elevation gain 6500+ feet.  100 miles, with several optional shortcuts.


Directions to the ride start:

C&C CHALET (CHUCK WOOD'S HOUSE), 14725 Janice Drive, Rockville, Maryland

From I-270: 

Rockville Exit 6 (MD28 East) 

1.0 mi. X MD355 (TL) 

0.2 mi. L MD28 East (TL) 

1.5 mi. X Bauer Drive (TL) 

0.6 mi. R Bel Pre Rd (TL) 

0.1 mi. 1st R Janice Drive

3rd house on L - 14725 Janice Drive 


From DC Beltway: 

North on Georgia Avenue 

approx. 4 mi. X Connecticut Avenue 

0.7 mi. L Bel Pre Rd

1.1 mi. L Janice Drive (just before TL at MD28) 

3rd house on L - 14725 Janice Drive 



Another way: 

0.0  I-270 split - heading north from I-270 split (get in right lane) 

1.0  R Montrose Rd East (At split on ramp you can also get in left lane& go under Montrose Rd) 

0.2   L Tower Oaks Rd (1st L) 

0.8   R Wootton Parkway (follow curves) 

1.3   X Rockville Pike MD355 

0.2   X Veirs Mill Rd (becomes MD28 East) 

2.0   X Bauer Dr. (TL) 

0.6   R Bel Pre (next TL) 

0.1   1st R Janice Dr. 

3rd house on L (14725 Janice Dr.) 


OR from Baltimore:

South on I-95 or Rt. 29 

East on MD198 (Laurel - Burtonsville) 

Miles are approx.: 

4    X  MD650 (TL) >MD28 

4    X  Georgia Ave (TL) 

1.4   L Bel Pre (2nd TL) 

0.1   1st R Janice Drive 

14725 Janice Drive (3rd house on L)