Dear Friends,

Looks like I forgot to include the sermon last night, sorry!  Here it is:

T H E  M A N Y  T I M E S  O V E R  R E C Y C L E D  D R E A D E D  W I N T E R  S E R M O N ! !

For the next few months the days will be short. Accordingly, we will be making a concerted effort to finish our weekend rides before the DARK MONSTER catches us. For that reason, I'm asking everyone (that includes Chuck and me) to try to be ON TIME to the ride start so that we can get on the road 15 minutes after the scheduled meeting time. If you show up late and you're one of the "rabbits," please don't expect the group to wait for you while you pump up your tires, put on your cycling shoes, fix the flat tire that you acquired the previous day, etc. You can catch up! We will still attempt to regroup at the rest stops, but we'll try to limit those stops to 15 minutes (20 max). And of course we'll continue to enjoy our leisurely lunches (usually an hour OR SO).

Inevitably, there will be a time or two when the DARK MONSTER gets the best of us - - so please come equipped with **LIGHTS** on your bike!! Also, if you ARE running late, please give me a quick call on my cell phone to let me know. This way if we DO need to start without you, I will know to be looking for you later in the day; it will also remind me to leave extra cue sheets (if there are any) on the windshield of the Chuckwagon! If Chuck and I are late to the ride start we promise a full refund.

Thank you for your patience,