Dear Friends,

While the weekend forecast is less than stellar, there will AT LEAST be a Sunday ride, thanks to Bob Wagner, who's leading a very interesting new ride for BBC.  The ride goes rain or shine.  Tomorrow we'll take a last look at the updated forecast and, if Saturday looks like it won't be too dismal, we MAY schedule a Saturday ride, too.  But we're leaning toward Sunday only.  I'll send out a final update tomorrow.  In the meantime, here's Bob's lowdown on his BBC ride:

Oct 18th 100miles 8AM Fort McHenry (front gate)
Point to Point. October Rando Ramble: An exploration of the western shores of the Northern Chesapeake visiting 10 points(or peninsulas). We duck in and out of the historic waterfronts of Baltimore, Dundalk, Essex, Middle River, Bowleys and Chase, Maryland. This ride can be pristine and beautiful as well as rugged and trafficky. But, it's well worth the few rough spots for the extraordinary views we'll get of northern Chesapeake waterways. Lunch at Island View Waterfront Cafe. 50, 62 and 87 mile options. Very flat- open invite for any 13-15mph riders. Easy parking and bathrooms at Southside Marketplace. Leader: Bob Wagner READ THIS BEFORE RIDING-

Here's a link to a map showing the ride start.  If you need more info, please contact Bob directly. 

Link: <,-76.592882&spn=0.024054,0.038581&z=15>

Bob notes " If riders don't need a bathroom break, there is parking along Fort Ave closer to the Park."  He also notes:  "The first 20 miles is somewhat rugged and the route convoluted. Isaias and I can lead out the beginning for the the sake of time.  There is a 62 mile option on the cue and an un-noted 87m. option.  The only bummer is that Fort McHenry is under major construction right now. We won't be able to cruise through it. But the start is still at the front gate."

NOTE:  Bob intends to bring 6-8 copies of the cue sheet to the ride start-- fewer if it's raining, more if the weather forecast improves.  To be SURE that you get one, you can email me and I'll send you a pdf. of Bob's cues.